The UK-China Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN) is a unique mechanism established by the Chinese and UK Governments in 2008 to provide a coherent framework for carrying out sustainable agriculture cooperation activities. Its objectives are to: (i) stimulate innovative thinking and research on all aspects of sustainable agriculture; (ii) communicate information on sustainable agriculture issues and disseminate best practice to key audiences; and (iii) contribute to global sustainability through wider sharing of expertise between developed and emerging economies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Knowledge Sharing and Mutual Learning Platform has been established to: (i) support the implementation of UK China cooperation initiatives in agriculture, food and environment sectors; (ii) promote cross-disciplinary collaborations; (iii) enhance communication and engagement amongst existing initiatives and stakeholders to maximize synergies and support policy development; and (iv) foster new cooperative partnerships.

Latest News

July 04, 2019

Seminar on Catchment Ecosystem Management with Delegation from Chinese Ministry of Water Resources

SAIN seminar on “Soil, Water and Ecosystem Conservation in the UK and China” and field trip to the Wensum DTC project area at Salle Farms was arranged for a delegation from the Department of Soil and Water Conservation of the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) on 19-20 June in University of East Anglia. The purpose of the seminar was to share the knowledge between the UK and China on policy, regulation and approaches in catchment ecosystem management. The seminar included presentations from Chaoyong Pu of the MWR on soil, water conservation and ecosystems in China; Rob Davies of Defra who provided an overview of UK policy on water quality and agriculture; James Grischeff of Natural England who explained how government is working with agriculture to improve soils and water and Andrew Lovett who gave a talk on the Wensum DTC work. In the last few years, five delegations have visited the UEA and Wensum DTC study site, included two delegations from Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (in 2013 and 2018), a delegation from Chinese Ministry of Water Resources (in 2019), a delegation from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2012), and a delegation from China Agricultural University (in 2017). These have been organised through the UK-China Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN). The seminar was chaired by Dr Yuelai Lu, Head of SAIN Secretariat.

July 02, 2019

The 10th UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue held in London, cooperation in agriculture is a priority

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer and Chinese Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua concluded the 10th UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue on 17 June 2019, in London. The two sides reached a series of new agreements on deepening economic and financial cooperation. Building on this, both sides committed to continue to strengthen the mechanism to support the further development of a “Golden Era” of UK-China relations. The clause 59 of the Policy Outcome outlined the priority areas and mechanisms for agricultural cooperation: 59. Both sides are ready to further strengthen cooperation in rural development, agriculture green development, and farmers’ cooperative organisations. Particularly promoting policy, technology, and personnel exchange in such areas as rural development planning, infrastructure development, agri-tourism and eco-friendly agriculture. Both sides are ready to further strengthen science and technology cooperation in agriculture, with the support of the China-UK Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Network (SAIN) and encourage more agricultural research and educational institutions to conduct collaborative research in advanced agricultural technologies, so as to deliver stronger science and technology support to agricultural development. The other agriculture related outcomes include: both sides welcome the signing of the protocol for the export of UK beef to China, with a view to approving beef export to China by the end of 2019; China agrees to send experts to the UK to carry out technical exchanges on scrapie by autumn 2019, in order to study and formulate evaluation criteria for ban-lifting on UK lamb exports; both sides agree to continue to promote the lifting of the Avian Influenza ban on British poultry and poultry products; both sides welcomes the recent approval and registration of UK pork plants, and look forward to further approval of qualified UK […]

June 15, 2019

SAIN Signed UK China Cooperation Initiative on Agricultural Green Development

On 27th May, the UK China Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN) organised an “UK China Agricultural Green Development Forum” in the UK Pavilion at the Beijing International Horticulture Expo 2019. 40 people attended the event, included the UK representatives from British Embassy, ADAS, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Centre of Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Universities of East Anglia and Aberdeen; and the Chinese representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), China Association of Agricultural Science Society (CAASS), China Agricultural University (CAU), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), the Institute of Soil Sciences of Chinese Academy Sciences (ISSCAS). The Forum was chaired by Yuelai Lu, Head of SAIN Secretariat (UK), and Wu Xiaochun, Deputy Director General, of Rural Energy and Environment Agency of MARA. Ray Smith, the Agricultural Counsellor of British Embassy and Mr Mo Guanggang, the Deputy Secretary General of CAASS delivered opening speeches. Prof Bob Rees of SRUC, Prof Roger Sylvester-Bradley of ADAS, Prof Chen Fu of CAU, Prof Ju Hui and Wang Hongyuan of CAAS delivered keynotes, highlighted the pathways to improve nitrogen management and development of climate resilient agriculture in China. The participants of the Forum signed a Pledge to promote UK China cooperation on agricultural green development. In the Pledges, all signatories proposed to work together on delivering agricultural green development through innovative scientific research, dissemination, and integration of technology and food production standards.


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