Knowledge sharing between UK and Chinese fruit farmers

In 23-28 June, the Chinese fruit farmer delegation visited UK to share the knowledge with their British counterparts. The delegation visited three different farms during the mission.  At Black Bird Farm, Dr Oliver Doubleday introduced the modern production of conference pear and gala apple, showed cherry growing, harvesting and grading.  Dr Doubleday also demonstrated the integrated farm management practices such as application of compost for improving soil structure. At Newlands Farm, Mr High Boucher introduced modern apple & pear production, as well as innovative strawberries production in poly tunnels. At AC Goatham, which is the UK’s largest apple and pear producer, the delegation visited different varieties of apple orchards, and Ms Carol Ford showed the delegation the whole process of storing, grading and packing process.

The delegation was impressed by the high efficiency of resource (nutrient, water) use, high standard of production and strict quality and safety control. China is modernising its fruit industry and the UK’s experiences are mostly needed.

This was the first farmer-to-farmer knowledge-sharing event organised by SAIN. The success of this event provided useful insight for future farmer training and knowledge transfer.