Swine and Poultry Research Initiative to address microbiological diseases

11 projects are to be funded by BBSRC through the Newton Fund’s UK-China-Philippines-Thailand Swine and Poultry Research Initiative to address microbiological diseases.

Asia accounts for more than one-third of the world’s chicken meat production and is the leading pork producing region in the world. Diseases of livestock; such as foot and mouth, avian influenza and campylobacter result in huge economic losses.  To reduce the economic and human health impact of these diseases, and to increase food security, research is required to develop rapid diagnostics, novel therapeutics and vaccines.

11 collaborative projects are being funded, involving leading UK bioscience researchers and teams in China, the Philippines and Thailand. Host pathogen interactions, microbiology, epidemiology, and disease management and control, are issues that will be addressed as part of the research.

The Swine and Poultry Research Initiative brings together multiple countries to tackle core challenges for food security across regions. A total of £7 million has been awarded by BBSRC to support UK research organisations. (Source: BBSRC)

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