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Jessica Bellarby, Ben W.J. Surridge, Philip M. Haygarth, Kun Liu, Giuseppina Siciliano, Laurence Smith,Clive Rahn, Fanqiao Meng (2018), The stocks and flows of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium across a 30-year time series for agriculture in Huantai county, China, Science of the Total Environment, Vol 619–620: 606–620.

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Li T, Zhang W, Yin J, Chadwick D, Norse D, Lu Y, Liu X, Chen X, Zhang F, Powlson D, Dou Z (2017),  Enhanced-efficiency fertilizers are not a panacea for resolving the nitrogen problem, Glob Change Biol. 2017:1–11. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13918

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Bai Z, Ma L, Jin S, Ma W, Velthof G L, Oenema O, Liu L, Chadwick D, and Zhang F (2016), Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Flows through the Manure Management Chain in China, Environmental Science & Technology, 50 (24), pp 13409–13418. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b03348

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Smith, L., Inman, A., Xin, L., Haifang, Z., Meng, F., Zhou J., Burke, S., Rahn, C., Siciliano, G., Haygarth, P., Bellarby, J. and Surridge, B. (2016), Mitigation of diffuse water pollution from agriculture in England and China, and the scope for policy transfer, Land Use Policy, 61:208-219.

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Bellarby, J., Siciliano, G., Smith, L., Xin, L., Zhou, J., Liu, K., Jie, L., Meng, F., Inman, A., Rahn, C., Surridge, B., Haygarth, P., Strategies for sustainable nutrient management: insights from a mixed natural and social science analysis of Chinese crop production systems, Environmental Development, published online 12 November 2016.

Xiaoyu Liu, Jufeng Zheng, Dengxiao Zhang, Kun Cheng, Huimin Zhou, Afeng Zhang, Lianqing Li, Stephen Joseph, Pete Smith, David Crowley, Yakov Kuzyakov, Genxing Pan (2016): Biochar has no effect on soil respiration across Chinese agricultural soils, Science of the Total Environment 554–555 (2016) 259–265. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.02.179

Yongli Lu, Zhujun Chen, Tingting Kang, Xiaojia Zhang, Jessica Bellarby, Jianbin Zhou (2016): Land-use changes from arable crop to kiwi-orchard increased nutrient surpluses and accumulation in soils, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 223 (2016) 270–277. doi:10.1016/j.agee.2016.03.019

Lu Yong-Li, Kang Ting-Ting, Zhang Xiao-Jia et al., (2016), Evaluation of current fertilization status in kiwifruit orchards on the northern slope of Qinling Mountains: A case study of Yujiahe catchment, in Zhouzhi County, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer, 22(2): 380-387.;

Liu, K., Ren, T., Wu, W., Meng, F., Bellarby, J. and Smith, L., (2016), Prevention and Control of Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollutions in UK and Suggestions to China, Journal of Agro-Environment Science, (2016), 35 (5): 817-823.

高晶波,路永莉,陈竹君,周建斌. 秦岭北麓猕猴桃园土壤硝态氮累积及迁移特性研究——以周至县俞家河小流域为例. 农业环境科学学报, 2016, 35(2): 322-328. doi:10.11654/jaes.2016.02.016

闫波,周婷,王辉民,陈竹君,曹京阳,刘淑敏,周建斌. 日光温室栽培番茄镁缺乏与土壤阳离子平衡的关系. 中国农业科学,2016, 49(18): 3588-3596. doi:10.3864~.issn.0578-1752.2016.18.013

LI Jie, LAI Xin, LIU Hongmei, YANG Dianlin, ZHANG Guilong. Emergy evaluation of three rice wetland farming systems in the Taihu Lake catchment of China. Wetlands, 2016, accepted

Zhang Haifang, Liu Hongmei, Zhao Jianning, Li Gang, Huangfu Chaohe, Wang Hui, Lai Xin, Li Jie, Yang Dianlin. Elevated precipitation modifies the relationship between plant diversity and soil bacterial diversity under nitrogen deposition in Stipa baicalensis steppe.   Soil biology and biochemistry,2016, revised.

冯晓赟,张贵龙,李洁,常泓*,赖欣*. 秸秆还田配施氮肥对中南地区水稻土壤细菌群落结构多样性的影响.中国农学通报.2016. DOI:10.13254/j.jare.2016.0119

石博文,赖欣,李洁,张贵龙*,田秀平*.尿素与有机肥配施对棕红壤土氮素转化的影响.核农学报.2016,  revised.

张亦涛,王洪媛,刘申,刘宏斌,翟丽梅,雷秋良*,任天志.氮肥农学效应与环境效应国际研究发展态势..生态学报,2016,36(15):4594-4608. DOI:10.5846/stxb201412312621

华玲玲,李文超,翟丽梅*,崔超,刘宏斌,任天志,张富林,雷秋良. 三峡库区古夫河小流域氮磷排放特征.环境科学,2016, DOI:10.13227/j.hjkx.201606210.

刘坤,任天志,吴文良,孟凡乔*,Jessica Bellarby, Laurence Smith.英国农业面源污染防控对我国的启示.农业环境科学学报,2016,35(5):817-823. DOI:10.11654/jaes.2016.05.001

张亦涛,刘宏斌,王洪媛,翟丽梅,刘申,雷秋良,任天志*.农田施氮对水质和氮素流失的影响.生态学报,36(20):1-13. DOI:10.5846/stxb201504140764

冯晓赟,赖欣,张贵龙,李洁*,常泓*. 秸秆还田与氮肥配施对中南地区稻田土壤固碳和温室气体排放的影响.农业资源与环境学报,2016,33(6):208-217. DOI:10.13254/j.jare.2016.0119

王荣荣,赖欣,李洁,常泓*,张贵龙*.花生壳生物炭对硝态氮的吸附机制研究.农业环境科学学报,2016,35(9):1727-1734. DOI: 10.11654/jaes.2016-0230

Liu Jian*, Zuo Qiang*, Zhai Limei1, Luo Chunyan, Liu Hongbin, Wang Hongyuan, Liu Shen, Zou Guoyuan, Ren Tianzhi. Phosphorus losses via surface runoff in rice-wheat cropping systems as impacted by rainfall regimes and fertilizer applications. Journal of Integrative Agriculture 2016,15(3): 667–677. DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(15)61087-5

Xi Bin, Zhai Limei, Liu Jian, Liu Shen, Wang Hongyuan, Luo Chunyan, Ren Tianzhi, Liu Hongbin*.Long-term phosphorus accumulation and agronomic and environmental critical phosphorus levels in Haplic Luvisol soil, northern China. Journal of Integrative Agriculture,2016,15(1): 200-208. DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(14)60947-3


Jikun Huang, Zhurong Huang, Xiangping Jia, Ruifa Hu, Cheng Xiang (2015): Long-term reduction of nitrogen fertilizer use through knowledge training in rice production in China, Agricultural Systems 135 (2015) 105–111. DOI:10.1016/j.agsy.2015.01.004

Xiangping Jia, Jikun Huang, Cheng Xiang, and David Powlson (2015): Reducing excessive nitrogen use in Chinese wheat production through knowledge training: what are the implications for the public extension system? Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 39:189–208. DOI: 10.1080/21683565.2014.967436

K. Cheng, M. Yan, D. Nayak, G. X. Pan, P. Smith, J. F. Zheng and J. W. Zheng (2015). Carbon footprint of crop production in China: an analysis of National Statistics data. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 153, pp 422-431. doi:10.1017/S0021859614000665.

Ming Yan, Ting Luo, Rongjun Bian, Kun Cheng, Genxing Pan, Robert Rees (2015): A comparative study on carbon footprint of rice production between household and aggregated farms from Jiangxi, China, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 187:332. DOI: 10.1007/s10661-015-4572-9

T Luo, Q Yue, M Yan, K Cheng, G Pan (2015): Carbon footprint of China’s livestock system – a case study of farm survey in Sichuan province, China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 102: 136–143. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.04.077

Anita Shepherd, Xiaoyuan Yan, Dali Nayak, Jamie Newbold, Dominic Moran, Mewa Singh Dhanoa, Keith Goulding, Pete Smith, Laura M. Cardenas (2015): Disaggregated N2O emission factors in China based on cropping parameters create a robust approach to the IPCC Tier 2 methodology, Atmospheric Environment, 122: 272–281.

康婷婷,张晓佳,陈竹君,周建斌. 秦岭北麓猕猴桃园土壤养分状况研究——以周至县俞家河小流域为例. 西北农林科技大学学报(自然科学版), 2015, 43(11):159-164.doi:10.13207/j.cnki.jnwafu.2015.11.024

张晓佳,康婷婷,陈竹君,周建斌. 秦岭北麓坡改梯农田土壤养分状况研究以周至县余家河小流域为例. 西北农林科技大学学报(自然科学版), 2015, 43(2): 166-172. DOI: 10.13207 /j.cnki.jnwafu.2015.02.021

王士超,周建斌, 陈竹君, 满俊. 温度对不同年限日光温室土壤氮素矿化特性的影响. 植物营养与肥料学报, 2015, 21(1):121-127. doi: 10.11674/zwyf.2015.0113

罗勤,陈竹君,闫波,雷金繁,张晓敏,白新禄,周建斌. 水肥减量对日光温室土壤水分状况及番茄产量和品质的影响. 植物营养与肥料学报, 2015, 21(2):449-457. DOI:10.11674/zwyf.2015.0220

韦安胜,陈竹君,康婷婷,张晓佳,闫波,周建斌. 秦岭北麓周至县俞家河小流域土壤养分空间变异研究. 水土保持学报,2015, 29(2):128-131. DOI:10.13870/j.cnki.stbcxb.2015.02.024

Jiang, Jianfu, et al. “The wild relatives of grape in China: Diversity, conservation gaps and impact of climate change.” Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 210.1(2015):50-58.

GUO Yuedong, SONG Changchun, WANG Lili, TAN Wenwen, WANG Xianwei, CUI Qian. GUO Yuedong, SONG Changchun, WANG Lili, TAN Wenwen, WANG Xianwei, CUI Qian. Concentrations, sources, and fluxes of dissolved CH4 and CO2 in rivers , Ecological Engineering, 2015, DOI:10.1016/j.ecoleng.2015.10.004

WANG Jie, LI Gang, LAI Xin, SONG Xiaolong, ZHAO Jianning and YANG Dianlin*. Differential Responses of Ammonia-oxidizers Communities to Nitrogen and Water Addition in Stipa baicalensis Steppe, Inner Mongolia, Northern China. J. Resour. Ecol. 2015,6(1):001-011 DOI: 10.5814/j.issn.1674-764x.2015.01.001

YU Li, SONG Xiao-long, ZHAO Jian-ning, WANG Hui, BAI Long, YANG Dian-lin*. Responses of plant diversity and primary productivity to nutrient addition in a Stipa baicalensis grassland, China. Journal of Integrative Agriculture. 2015,14(10):2099-2108. DOI:10.1016/S2095-3119(14)61001-7

李文娇,刘红梅,赵建宁,修伟明,张贵龙,皇甫超河,杨殿林. 氮素和水分添加对贝加尔针茅草原植物多样性及生物量的影响.生态学报,2015,35(19) : 6460-6469.DOI:10.5846/stxb201403180471

李刚, 修伟明, 王杰, 吴元凤, 赵建宁, 宋晓龙, 杨殿林. 不同植被恢复模式下呼伦贝尔沙地土壤反硝化细菌nirK基因组成结构和多样性研究.草业学报,2015,24(1):115-123 DOI:10.11686/cyxb20150115

李文娇,杨殿林,赵建宁,王慧. 长期连作和轮作对农田土壤生物学特性的影响研究进展. 中国农学通报.2015,31(3):173-178 DOI:10.11924/j.issn.1000-6850.2014-1832

李玉洁,王慧,赵建宁,皇甫超河,杨殿林.耕作方式对农田土壤理化因子和生物学特性的影响.应用生态学报,2015,26(3):939-948 DOI:10.13287/j.1001-9332.20150106.018

于丽, 赵建宁, 王慧, 白龙, 刘红梅, 杨殿林. 养分添加对内蒙古贝加尔针茅草原植物多样性与生产力的影响. 生态学报,2015,35(24):1-9 DOI:10.5846/stxb201407171461

于丽,杨殿林,赖欣.养分管理对农田土壤微生物量的影响.微生物学杂志,2015,35(4):72-79. DOI:10.3969/j.issn.1005-7021.2015.04.004

SAIN Special Issue

Yuelai Lu, David Chadwick, David Norse, David Powlson, Weiming Shi (Edit, 2015): Sustainable intensification of China’s agriculture: the key role of nutrient management and climate change mitigation and adaptation, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Vol 209 (Special Issue).

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Papers included this this Special Issue include:

Yuelai Lu, David Chadwick, David Norse, David Powlson and Weiming Shi (2015): Sustainable intensification of China’s agriculture: the key role of nutrient management and climate change mitigation and adaptation, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 209:1-4, doi:10.1016/j.agee.2015.05.012

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Gui Chen, Ying Chen, Guohua Zhao, Wangda Cheng, Shiwei Guo, Hailin Zhang, Weiming Shi (2015): Do high nitrogen use efficiency rice cultivars reduce nitrogen losses from paddy fields? Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 209:26-33, doi:10.1016/j.agee.2015.03.003

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