The UK-China Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN) is a unique mechanism established by the Chinese and UK Governments in 2008 to provide a coherent framework for carrying out sustainable agriculture cooperation activities. Its objectives are to: (i) stimulate innovative thinking and research on all aspects of sustainable agriculture; (ii) communicate information on sustainable agriculture issues and disseminate best practice to key audiences; and (iii) contribute to global sustainability through wider sharing of expertise between developed and emerging economies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Knowledge Sharing and Mutual Learning Platform has been established to: (i) support the implementation of UK China cooperation initiatives in agriculture, food and environment sectors; (ii) promote cross-disciplinary collaborations; (iii) enhance communication and engagement amongst existing initiatives and stakeholders to maximize synergies and support policy development; and (iv) foster new cooperative partnerships.

Latest News

March 03, 2020

SAIN in 2019 – the Key Milestones, Events and Partners

2019 has been a busy and successful year for the UK China Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN). Through working with partners in the UK and China, SAIN has achieved a number of important milestones to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries. Co-organised the UK-China Agriculture Green Development Workshops with Rural Energy and Environment Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in Beijing and Yunnan; Initiated the “Pledge for Promoting UK China Cooperation in Agricultural Green Development” which was signed by Chinese and British governmental officials, scientists and advisers; Delivered 15 seminars and workshops covering a wide range of topics of soil health, arable land quality monitoring and assessment, agricultural waste recycling, digitalization in agriculture and rural development, climate smart agriculture, and legislation in rural vitalization; Built new cooperative partnerships with governmental organisations, academic institutes, NGOs, business and farm organisations ; SAIN was named in the 10th UK China Economic and Financial Dialogue Policy Outcomes as a mechanism to support the agricultural cooperation between the two countries. Click here for the full report.

July 23, 2019

Knowledge sharing between UK and Chinese fruit farmers

In 23-28 June, the Chinese fruit farmer delegation visited UK to share the knowledge with their British counterparts. The delegation visited three different farms during the mission.  At Black Bird Farm, Dr Oliver Doubleday introduced the modern production of conference pear and gala apple, showed cherry growing, harvesting and grading.  Dr Doubleday also demonstrated the integrated farm management practices such as application of compost for improving soil structure. At Newlands Farm, Mr High Boucher introduced modern apple & pear production, as well as innovative strawberries production in poly tunnels. At AC Goatham, which is the UK’s largest apple and pear producer, the delegation visited different varieties of apple orchards, and Ms Carol Ford showed the delegation the whole process of storing, grading and packing process. The delegation was impressed by the high efficiency of resource (nutrient, water) use, high standard of production and strict quality and safety control. China is modernising its fruit industry and the UK’s experiences are mostly needed. This was the first farmer-to-farmer knowledge-sharing event organised by SAIN. The success of this event provided useful insight for future farmer training and knowledge transfer.

July 04, 2019

Seminar on Catchment Ecosystem Management with Delegation from Chinese Ministry of Water Resources

SAIN seminar on “Soil, Water and Ecosystem Conservation in the UK and China” and field trip to the Wensum DTC project area at Salle Farms was arranged for a delegation from the Department of Soil and Water Conservation of the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) on 19-20 June in University of East Anglia. The purpose of the seminar was to share the knowledge between the UK and China on policy, regulation and approaches in catchment ecosystem management. The seminar included presentations from Chaoyong Pu of the MWR on soil, water conservation and ecosystems in China; Rob Davies of Defra who provided an overview of UK policy on water quality and agriculture; James Grischeff of Natural England who explained how government is working with agriculture to improve soils and water and Andrew Lovett who gave a talk on the Wensum DTC work. In the last few years, five delegations have visited the UEA and Wensum DTC study site, included two delegations from Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (in 2013 and 2018), a delegation from Chinese Ministry of Water Resources (in 2019), a delegation from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2012), and a delegation from China Agricultural University (in 2017). These have been organised through the UK-China Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN). The seminar was chaired by Dr Yuelai Lu, Head of SAIN Secretariat.